Prima Finnabair - Art ExtraVagance - Sculpture Medium - Clear

PRIMA MARKETING - Finnabair - Art Extravagance - Sculpture Medium Sculpture Mediums Defined: Art Medium with great versatility on a variety of porous surfaces.
Creates a permanent and resistant surface perfect for altering and mixed media techniques.
Allows for dimensional sculpturing and 3D effects for home decor.
Clear or Beige Colour, water based and non-toxic. 
Available in beige or clear, this medium will help you form the most beautiful dimension with fabric!   
How to use:  Apply a generous amount of Sculpture Medium onto  fabric, paper, or chipboard elements with a big brush to make sure it will soak through the material.
For bigger pieces of fabric simply pour the Sculpture Medium into container and let fabric soak for a moment.
If the medium is too thick you can add a bit of water to make it easier to work with.
Squeeze off the Medium and wrap the fabric in the desired shape and leave to dry – drying time depends on the weather conditions, size of the project, and amount of the Sculpture Medium used.
It is possible to slightly speed up the drying process using a hairdryer or heating gun, but natural drying will give better results.  
When dry all the elements can be painted, decorated, or glued together using Art Basics range of products.  
This package contains 8.5oz of sculpture medium: clear